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Solutions for your business issues

Putting plans into action.

We give you a plan plus the means to implement it – we provide customised services that provide support through the implementation process.

Our support while you put the plan into action is critical because getting implementation right is often a hump, that creates a barrier to not only achieving structured goals and objectives but also in achieving sustainable business growth.

Prime Strategies we will help you through that phase into the clearer air beyond.

Making sure all your team’s on the bus.

Real productivity and service improvements come from developing the knowledge, skills and practices of your people. A tailored program of training and development and coaching (off-line and on-line) for key team members is a critical element in ongoing business success.

The personal support you need.

We will help relieve pressures by providing the answers you need.

As the business owner you take the risks and the responsibilities but often get paid less than a decent wage – it can make you wonder if it’s worth it!

Also with the hours you put in your family and social life can suffer as a result.

Prime Strategies is about restoring the balance. Getting your business on the right track and moving forward with the right strategies for growth. We support busy Owners and Managers with effective tools, processes and above all – experience. Your own business is unique but the problems it faces are ones we have encountered often. And the processes that can turn it around for better performance and profitability are ones we have applied many times with proven results.

Owners are often focused on the wrong things and are applying resources in areas that aren’t especially productive. With the assistance of our advice and coaching, you can shift your focus to areas that will improve productivity.

Business owners are sometimes like athletes, they often have the ability to be champions but just lack the techniques needed to make that leap to the next level.

We work with you to make gains in performance and profitability. Our role isn’t telling you what to do, or to do it for you. It’s to develop a plan and a program for implementation and then support you through making that plan a reality.


Giving you strategies that work now.

Firstly, we look at your goals – your personal needs today, and into the future.

We examine the options for your business and pick the right ones to build into a growth plan to significantly increase profits and business value.

It’s a plan for action. It will provide a clear direction that gives managers improved focus on their customers, team, resourcing and the cash flow impacts of the proposed strategies.

For example, irrespective of the category, size of the business or state of the business, we know there are growth opportunities in practically all businesses. For example, you may have ‘available growth’ areas right now you may not be aware of.


What is Available Growth?

Available Growth is income that is available to you now, from money that is already circulating in your Business.

There are 8 key areas in most businesses where significant growth is frequently available:

• Productivity

• Pricing

• Cost Reduction

• Debtors

• Staffing Levels

• Stock Control

• Business Growth

• Sales and Marketing


Our growth analysis will examine opportunities for extra income from your business – and where to get it from.

It will also show you what strategies need to be adopted to achieve that additional income.


Putting the tools in your hands.

In addition to Prime Strategies expertise in developing and coaching businesses for better performance, we also draw on the resources of the outstanding Mindshop network – a leading, global provider of strategic and personal development solutions for business leaders and advisors with over 800 members in 7 countries.

Mindshop provides customized and powerful business solutions with a wealth of business tools, regular training and a global community of specialist advisors.

Mindshop ( offers all our business clients 24/7 access to an online Resource Centre which houses over 150 simple business tools, processes and concepts, 8 online Training courses and a global Business Leaders Discussion Forum.